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Hangzhou SANP Machinery Co., Ltd. Add:Fuyang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Ein Road No. 1027
Hangzhou kai-Lan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Add:Hangzhou, Zhejiang Fuyang District Gaoqiao view  of the former pit village Yang 188

Hangzhou KAI-LAN Heavy Industry Group, founded in November 1992, is located in Fuyang Economic Development Zone at the west suburb of Hangzhou, and only 30km away from the famous West Lake, adjoining the beautiful Fuchun River and 320 National Highway and enjoying convenient traffic. It consists of Hangzhou KAI-LAN Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuhu Fushan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou SANP Machinery Co., Ltd., with a total registered capital of RMB 230 million with the branches, a land area of 350,000 square meters and a plant area of over 140,000 square meters.

Hangzhou KAI-LAN Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., professionally producing wind turbine gearboxes and high precision high-power special gearboxes, has built a stable high-quality skilled worker team. Its plant area covers 157mu, and a modern factory covers 76,500 square meters. It owns over 350 production equipment, including

over 50 the most advanced imported large high-precision processing, detection and testing devices......

Gleason2000GMM gear measuring center / Germany SIEMENS 3600kW large power back fed / Germany imported Zeiss microscope...


The products mainly include HGSB high-speed braiding machines, copper and aluminum coarse wire drawing machines, frame wire twisting machines, high speed cage winches and other electric machinery products and have 5 types and over 50 varieties. High-speed braiding machines have occupied over 60% of domestic market shares and are exported to Japan, South Korea, USA, Brazil, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc....

300O high precision numerical control vertical mill / Germany imported

vertical boring and milling machining center......


Love sharein Phi 2500 * 3200 computer control well carburizing quenching furnac / Computer controlled batch pre vacuum gas nitriding furnace......


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